Am I too wet?

Q. I’m just wondering if being extremely wet during sex is OK? I don’t want it to put my boyfriend off sex or anything! It’s just that he says I get really extremely wet compared to his previous lovers….

The shaping of adult sexuality

The seeds of adult sexuality are sown in the womb and nurtured throughout childhood and adolescence. It is during these early days that the roots of sexual behaviour grow.

How children learn about sex

A tiny child may seem too young to know about sex, but even at this age their understanding of it is being formed – and parents’ attitudes are crucial to the development of a happy, balanced sexuality.

Teen sexuality: boys puberty

The sexual life cycle of a male begins a little more than seven months before he is born, when, in response to genetic instructions from a chromosome in his father’s sperm, the previously neutral embryo starts to develop male sexual characteristics. When he is a teen, sexuality becomes more pronounced and boys during puberty begin what can seem their rapid transition to sexual maturity.

Teen sexuality: changes in girls during puberty

The fertile years, although important, are only part of the human female’s total sexual life cycle. What begins in the womb seven months before birth continues past the menopause well into old age. It is in the teens, during puberty, that the changes taking place in girls might seem most pronounced.

Birth order

Chronologically, the order of your family is all-important to your emotional development. How you deal with this accident of fate will affect all your future relationships.


Sex isn’t just a fun thing to do; it’s also got a purpose, namely, procreation! Many people worry about getting pregnant. Some of the most common issues are tackled here.

Pregnancy: the last three months

The baby’s rapid growth during the last three months of pregnancy is vital for a healthy birth. We explain what’s happening – and what you can do.

Pregnancy: 3-6 months

The Lovers’ Guide takes you through the second stage of pregnancy, the middle months, usually the most enjoyable of all for the mother-to-be.

The first three months of pregnancy

Despite the fact few outward changes occur, the earliest months of pregnancy are the most eventful. We take you through the first stages – from the discovery you’re going to have a child.