The Clitoris – Purely for Pleasure

Maximise sexual pleasure – with nature’s blessing

Sex fantasy : forced sex

Understand why people have forced sex fantasies and you can actually discover ways to enhance your sex life – and move beyond such fantasies if you have them and really don’t want them.

Sexual Dreams

Dreams are the language of our unconscious mind. Learning to decipher them is never easy, but trying to unravel sexual dreams can be tantalizing.

Speeding Ejaculation

Men, if you find you can’t ejaculate with your partner, use this programme to help you overcome the probable issue – of over-control.

Evolution and orgasm – And God created ‘O’

Why is there such a difference between the ways we achieve male and female orgasm? Why, when a man’s orgasm is pretty much automatic, does a woman’s orgasm often seem so elusive? How did this situation arise? In answer, it could be that we owe an evolutionary debt to the differences between male and female orgasm, which may well have enhanced those human traits we display when at our humanly best.

How many sexual partners have you had?

In study after study, men report having more sexual partners than women. While a study might find men reporting an average of seven (hetero-) sexual partners, women will report an average of five. A UK study found that men reported, on average, 12.7 heterosexual partners over a lifetime and women 6.5. There is a problem with this, though: it doesn’t add up; the numbers are mathematically impossible.

The G-Spot – and Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality

When The G Spot and Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality was first published in 1982 it started a revolution, single-handedly ushering in a new era of research on female sexuality, radically changing the professional practices of sex therapists, and positively affecting the lives of thousands and thousands of individual women. To understand why this book had the profound impact it did, we need to look back to the middle of the last century.

Definitions of Orgasm

Although many may prefer that orgasms remain indescribable and undefinable, some have proposed a definition:

Painful anal sex

Anal sex shouldn’t be painful, assuming you do not wish to experience pain. If it does hurt, there are a number of things which might be going wrong, most of which can dealt with.

How long should orgasm take?

I’m worried that I am not normal because it always takes around 30 minutes for me to come when my boyfriend goes down on me. I’ve always been like this with all the boyfriends I’ve had but this is the first time I’ve worried about it as my boyfriend said that all his ex girlfriends only used to take about 10 minutes. I thought everyone took as long as me. I do enjoy it so I’m confused why it takes me so long? Can you help?