Treatment for HIV

Information on when an HIV+ person will be given treatment, the specific aims of HIV treatment – to raise the CD4 count and lower the viral load – and possible short and long-term side-effects of HIV treatment.

Symptoms of HIV infection

Information on the initial symptoms of HIV infection and the opportunistic illnesses which may take hold should HIV develop into category B HIV infection or full-blown AIDS.

Testing for HIV

Information on how the HIV tests work, how reliable the tests are, where you can go to be tested and whether you should be tested.

HIV – transmission and means of prevention

The ways HIV spreads between people. We consider the risks of different sexual practices and ways of practising safer sex to reduce the risk of transmission.

What is HIV / AIDS?

An introduction to HIV and AIDS, including: definitions; the means by which HIV attacks the body and reproduces itself; the reasons why there is no cure for HIV; and the transition from HIV to AIDS.