Tight foreskins and circumcision

A Lovers’ Guide visitor writes: I believe it is necessary to share some knowledge which is very important for your readers to help dispel some common misperceptions about what to do about tight foreskins and about what actually occurs to the penis subsequent to the circumcision operation.

Pregnant? Sex should be fine

Everything changes during pregnancy. There are new feelings, new emotions and new pleasures. And sex too will be different. We give you what you’ll need to know.

Am I Gay

If you’re curious or wondering whether you might be gay – and this can still be a troubling question – you may be closer to sexual fulfillment than you might think. Keep an open mind and you can readily discover your true sexuality and reap the rewards.

Sex and Power

Sex and power are inextricably linked and both are powerful aphrodisiacs. But what about their effect on relationships between the sexes? Don’t believe the stereotypes. The interaction of sex and power is more subtle than you might think.

Can I improve the taste of my penis?

We know that what you eat and drink affects the taste of ejaculate (cum), but can you also change the taste of your penis – to make it even better for your partner than it is already? Advice is given.

Sex After Childbirth

The return to sex after having a baby is a very personal matter and depends, as with all sexual matters, on both the sexual bodies and personalities of those involved.

I’ve disliked my vagina since childbirth

Childbirth tends to traumatize the vagina. Sometimes the impact is relatively slight, at other times more serious. Advice is given to one woman who seriously dislikes her appearance after childbirth.

Common female fears about sex

Learning to love yourself and your body can be an arduous task for some women, though they are not alone. Most women go through spells of uncertainty.

Seven ways to be a sensual lover

Spice up your bedroom routine and reignite the fires of passion. The Lovers’ Guide shows you how.

Common male fears about sex

Given the macho stereotypes that men are expected to live up to, it’s hardly surprising that doubts can creep in. Sex can be a minefield, even for people who are confident and self-assured.