Big Gay Sex Toys: Because Him

While a good long deep hard sex sesh might strike your average bossy bottom as a basic human right, the burdens, the performance expectations, thusly placed on the willingest top might seem insuperable. We’ve all been there: his Yippie-Ki-Yay legs slung back to his shoulders, an ass simply cavernous. (But hey, he’s cute.) Definite sense of our humble seven inch being not quite enough to satisfy this one. (We’ve all been there, when they start screaming: ‘I want two cocks in me!’) Solution: big gay sex toys: dildo fun. Turn him to water first, and only at the end, sublime, stuff your cock in him.

Power bottoming – big gay sex toys

The biggest gay sex toys, just like a really huge cock, deliver intense anal stimulation as well as prostate stimulation and the feeling of your colon really being full. While smaller, less girthy toys can be directed to and worked around different areas of arousal, the big toys seem to hit every sense at once; they can overwhelm you blissfully. The question, though, can be: how do you get the darn things in?

Gay sex toys, gay sex positions

Anal sex toys such as dildos, butt plugs and vibrators can be a beautiful complement to your favourite sex positions. They make for great foreplay, then as well when you’re having anal sex they can enhance this experience, for bottom and top alike.

Switching sexual roles – and retarded ejaculation

You try and you try and you thrust – and you just can’t come. Retarded ejaculation is an issue many men experience. Here, it is related to sexual roles, a usually passive guy wanting to top his new partner. Advice is given.

Enhancing dildo orgasm for your partner

Using dildos on your passive partner before you indulge in your favourite anal sex positions, which might be quite vanilla anal sex, can be a mind-blowing experience for him and a real exercise in loving control for you, both during anal sex and while you’re wielding the toys.

Anal dildo sex play

Anal dildo sex play offers a huge sense of sensual satisfaction, through the nerve-endings packed around the anus and, in the man, stimulation of the prostate, the male G-spot.

Gay sex toys advice

Gay sex toys bring a wealth of delicious experiences to your lovemaking. Explore intimate anal and genital sensation with butt-plugs, dildos, vibrators and cock rings, dress for sex with bondage gear and use massage oils and lubricants to sensitize your and your partner’s skin.

Masturbation with male sex toys: using butt plugs

We’re often told that butt plugs enhance masturbation both by stimulating the anus and by exerting pressure from inside on the prostate, the male G spot. Result: bigger, harder erections and a more intense experience of orgasm. There’s truth in this, though the reality is a little more complicated. To get the most from masturbation with sex toys, it can help to bear in mind that the toys change the quality of the feelings associated with arousal and orgasm; it isn’t just a case of getting more of the same thing.

How do I take a big penis inside me?

Question: Hi. I have a boyfriend. We are somewhat together and have feelings for each other deeply. I feel we are on our way to LOVE!!!! We just have one problem: he has a 8.5, thick dick. Giving him orally isn’t a problem. It’s just trying to get penetrated.

Erotic selves

We play different roles, we have different selves, and during the course of the average day the erotic can tend to be driven far from our minds, even forcibly repressed as we seek to function effectively in a work environment. It is for this reason it is important, prior to sex, to spend some time coaxing our erotic self back to the forefront of our being.