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Switching sexual roles – and retarded ejaculation

Sexual roles and gay sex

You try and you try and you thrust – and you just can’t come. Retarded ejaculation is an issue many men experience. Here, it is related to sexual roles, a usually passive guy wanting to top his new partner. Advice is given.

My boyfriend wants me to top him: what do I do?

Passive gay sex advice: he wants me to top him

It can feel such a sexy thrill to submit completely to a dominant partner, to the point where we lock our cock and balls in a chastity device and give him the key. But what if he doesn’t really want us so sub-passive after all? Advice is given.

Enhancing dildo orgasm for your partner


Using dildos on your passive partner before you indulge in your favourite anal sex positions, which might be quite vanilla anal sex, can be a mind-blowing experience for him and a real exercise in loving control for you, both during anal sex and while you’re wielding the toys.

Anal dildo sex play


Anal dildo sex play offers a huge sense of sensual satisfaction, through the nerve-endings packed around the anus and, in the man, stimulation of the prostate, the male G-spot.

Gay sex toys advice


Gay sex toys bring a wealth of delicious experiences to your lovemaking. Explore intimate anal and genital sensation with butt-plugs, dildos, vibrators and cock rings, dress for sex with bondage gear and use massage oils and lubricants to sensitize your and your partner’s skin.

Masturbation with male sex toys: using butt plugs


We’re often told that butt plugs enhance masturbation both by stimulating the anus and by exerting pressure from inside on the prostate, the male G spot. Result: bigger, harder erections and a more intense experience of orgasm. There’s truth in this, though the reality is a little more complicated. To get the most from masturbation with sex toys, it can help to bear in mind that the toys change the quality of the feelings associated with arousal and orgasm; it isn’t just a case of getting more of the same thing.

How do I take a big penis inside me?


Question: Hi. I have a boyfriend. We are somewhat together and have feelings for each other deeply. I feel we are on our way to LOVE!!!! We just have one problem: he has a 8.5, thick dick. Giving him orally isn’t a problem. It’s just trying to get penetrated.

Lost Libido


He’s hot, you’re not. You’re compatible, but somehow your penis isn’t so keen. If you’re the one with the low libido, don’t think of this as a terrible, insurmountable problem you need to deal with on your own, but recognise it will be a relationship issue, to be dealt with within the relationship and with the support of your partner. Here’s how to get your sex-drive back on track.
Now, before discussing the subject, you can certainly spend time thinking it through and considering possible approaches.

Erotic selves


We play different roles, we have different selves, and during the course of the average day the erotic can tend to be driven far from our minds, even forcibly repressed as we seek to function effectively in a work environment. It is for this reason it is important, prior to sex, to spend some time coaxing our erotic self back to the forefront of our being.

First time advice for gay anal sex

Gay Sex - How Cool Is That?

Anal sex is often seen as the definitive form of gay love-making. You might think, and be pressured to think, that if you’re not doing it, be you top, bottom or versatile, you must be some sort of second rate closet case. But is it for you? It can hurt (a lot) at first, comes as something of a shock to the system, and might well be termed an acquired taste. If you fancy it, here are a few tips on how to begin to acquire it.