Can I make my tiny penis bigger?

Penis size - can it be bigger?Penis size is a worry for many men, with most of those seeking surgical ‘enhancement’ already very much around the average mark – or bigger. When a man feels he has a very small penis – advice is given.

So, like, I am 20, so there’s no room for growing any more, right? So I am stuck with this tiny penis – we’re talking max three inches at full tilt – that has plagued me all my life. You know people just can’t know the pain they cause; I still remember a babysitter calling me “pimple”. It’s always made me hide away in the changing room and never get naked with a girl. I am still a virgin, though have managed to have some hand sex from one or two kind girls (though I am sure they weren’t rushing to go further after feeling the goods). I have tried all the pills and pumps – how do they get to sell all this crap when it so doesn’t work? – and just want to know if there is anything, anything in all you know about  that  can be  done (does surgery work?) to help me. Some day I want to get married and have kids and, at the moment, can’t see how that could ever happen.

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Yes, by 20 you’ve probably reached the upper limit nature had planned for you. So let’s cut to the chase here. Penis-enlargement surgery can work to give you up to an extra couple of inches. Basically, the suspensory ligaments at the upper base of the penis are cut. This results in the part of the penis that is usually held inside being allowed to come forward. The downside is that your erections would not now be erect but would rather hang. Also, that two inches is very much an upper limit and the gain for you might be lower than this. If you’d like to explore this option further, book a consultation and see what your doctor says.

That said, penis-enlargement surgery is not normally prescribed for all but the really tiniest of penises, which yours isn’t. Okay, no-one’s pretending that you have much of a career as a porn star here, but let’s be realistic about the normal range of penis size. We’ve seen loads of penises that really aren’t that big. You take them as they come, so to speak. You do look for different things from your lovemaking if a guy is particularly fat or thin or long or shaped like a banana or whatever, but there’s a lot going on there when you’re having sex that doesn’t have so much to do with penis size.

Let’s make this easy for you. Stop thinking virgin and start thinking lover. Step one: become brilliant at oral sex. (Okay, kissing and selecting a decent restaurant are up there too.) Step two: enjoy being brilliant at oral sex for some considerable time while you’re having sex. Step three: choose sex positions which give more clitoral stimulation and don’t rely so much on the depth you thrust. Bear up and really grind that clitoris. Also, gyrate and work your penis around the most sensitive inches of the vagina – which are closest to the opening. Encourage your partners-to-be to ride you on top – this can be great for them when a man isn’t monster-endowed.

It’s the old story: play to your strengths. (The smallest penis we’ve encountered, for example, was just pushing an inch, but he was rich so that was okay.) Get to know girls and think about what you can do that’s great for pleasuring them; so much of it isn’t dick centred. Get to like each other!!

So there’s the surgery option, but you might find other approaches get you better results.

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