Broaching the condom question

You may feel embarrassed and think that bringing up the condom question will make your partner feel like you’re accusing them of having a disease – or even label you as a trollop. Nowadays, that shouldn’t be the case. Safer sex is the responsible thing to do and no good partner should expect anything less. Here are a few ways to make it easier.

1. Discuss condom usage before you even get into the whole ‘having sex’ thing. If you’ve agreed it in advance, it saves embarrassment spoiling the mood when things are getting hot.

2. Always carry condoms, whether you’re male or female. There’s nothing that spoils the mood quite as much as having to run off to the 24-hour garage. Keep them in a condom case to prevent them from getting damaged when they’re in your wallet or bag.

3. Be creative about putting the condom on. It can be an erotic experience if the woman puts it on with her mouth. Make sure it’s flavoured if you’re trying it this way, as normal condoms taste foul! Alternatively, try giving the man a well-lubed hand job and just as he’s getting close, slide the condom on, making sure to use the hand that hasn’t been in contact with his bits. Lube is generally a good thing with safer sex as it helps things feel more natural.

4. Put the condom on while your partner’s distracted. Whether you’re male or female, slipping it on then sliding in/on and saying ‘don’t worry, it’s on’ will prevent any of the ‘mood-spoiling’ that some people worry about.

As well as protecting you, condoms can help the man to last longer. The Performa condom even has a small amount of anaesthetic inside to help prolong his performance. They also mean that neither of you has a big wet patch to sleep in.

Experiment with different kinds of (kitemarked) condoms. No matter what your size or sensitivity, there will be one out there to suit you. And what an excuse for a shagging session – ‘Hey darling, just want to test out this new condom…’.

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