Boost your sex appeal

There’s nothing more fun than feeling sexy, and even if you’re feeling low on confidence, there are plenty of little things you can do to make yourself the centre of attention.

<ol><li>Admire yourself naked in the mirror. Which parts of you are the sexiest? See yourself through a lover’s eyes to get a new and glowing view of your body. </li><li>Emphasise your assets with flattering clothes. A glimpse of shoulder or hint of manly chest can be even sexier than showing everything off. </li><li>Pamper yourself with a long bath before you go out, using sensual oils or frivolous bubbles. Smell so great that people are clamouring to be near you! </li><li>A bright smile and sweet breath make you oh-so-kissable. And smiling widens your eyes making you look approachable so it’s a double-whammy! </li><li>Revel in compliments, writing them down so that you can read them if you need a confidence boost. Give compliments too – you’ll be surprised how great it makes you feel. </li><li>Want someone? Then tell them! Say "I’m having a great time with you. Can we do it again?" to get the message across without putting your emotions on the line. </li><li>Believe you’re the world’s greatest lover. Know that you’re sexy, show that you’re sexy and other people will want to find out for themselves! </li><li>Think erotic thoughts when you’re chatting someone up. This dilates your pupils making you look more attractive. </li><li>Sexy undies work wonders even when no-one else can see them. Silk boxer shorts or a camisole set will rub against you skin, giving you sensual thrills all day. </li><li>Believe in yourself. You don’t need to be a supermodel. The sexiest people are happy with themselves, enjoy sex and know what they want. </li></ol>

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