Blindfold sex play

Blindfold Sex PlayWe all touch, hear, taste and feel more intensely in the dark. By putting on a blindfold and depriving our sense of sight, we can experience a whole new range of exquisite sensations and feelings.

The way we react to people and situations which we can see with our eyes has a profound effect on how we behave. Yet, if sight is taken away, even for a short period of time, we can ‘see’ with our other four senses more fully and intensely. Try it out for yourself with some simple blindfold games.

The blindfolds themselves can be made of any material, but the smoothest and most sensual material is probably silk – a silk scarf is perfect. Decide who will be the first to have a go, then the ‘sighted’ partner can tie the scarf around the ‘blind’ partner’s head.

Touch and feel

First, explore your sense of touch. Try different textures to tantalize your partner. Feathers and bits of velvet, silk and linen are good to start with. Have your partner lie on his or her back and then slowly begin to tickle the back of their neck. Work your way down the length of their spine with feather-light strokes, then heavier brush strokes. Tickle the back of their calves with a bit of velvet, alternating with the other materials. Try brushing his or her buttocks with a soft baby brush.

Now turn them over to stimulate their sensitive front. For women: lightly dust her nipples and the area around her breasts with a piece of linen. Its slightly rough texture will make her tingle. For men: wind a piece of silk loosely around his penis and then slowly unwind it.

Brush the inside of your partner’s legs with wide, gentle strokes. Come seductively close to their genitals and then change tactics when they least expect it.

Extra-sensual massage

There is nothing more sensual than a long, deep and lingering massage. If you are the masseur or masseuse, coat your hands with deliciously scented oil, perhaps vanilla, orange or musk. While your partner stands naked and blindfolded in front of you, spread your hands across their shoulders and slowly smear the oil down their back. Rub their buttocks in an up and down motion – you can apply a bit more pressure on this area as it is quite tough.

Now gently massage the front of their neck and slowly work your way down to their breasts or chest. Massage the area carefully in small circles, starting with the nipples and then moving in larger circles.

Swish your hands down to the waist and hips and massage the tummy. Finally, move down and gently stroke the genital area, making sure your fingers are well oiled. Anything can happen from this point on.

Oh so delicious

You can play a taste game where your lover must taste various foods and then guess what they are. Use fresh fruits, oysters, chocolates and salty foods such as nuts or pretzels. Try dabbing honey, maple syrup or ice-cream on the tip of their tongue, or prepare a couple of their favourite dishes and let them guess the ingredients.

Have your partner wait in a darkened room blindfolded as you raid the kitchen. Place little morsels of food in their mouth, or perhaps just smear them across their lips for a brief moment. If they like the food, you can feed them more of it in tiny bits. Tease them with kisses in between these bites.

Blindfold finale

Try making love to your partner while he or she is blindfolded. The new sensations which this can bring can be quite amazing. We usually depend very much on our sight for erotic stimulation, but by removing this sense we can heighten and accentuate the others deliciously.

Give your other senses an extra treat by having some soft music playing in the background as you settle back onto some plump cushions or a bed. Keep feathers, scarves and scented oils handy so that you can carry on the love play, if you wish, or pop on a blindfold yourself and join in the fun.

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