Biopic: Reclusive Poet Emily Dickinson Had A Sizzling Lesbian Sex Life..

It’s Emily Dickinson as you’ve never seen her: Not as the pale, prim girl in her portrait or the reclusive spinster of legend, but as a hot-blooded woman in love . . .With her sister-in-law. That, at least, is the poet we meet in “Wild Nights With Emily,” out Friday. Madeleine Olnek’s comedy-drama stars Molly Shannon, whose Dickinson is given to rapturous (if fully clad) canoodling with Susan Gilbert, Emily’s longtime friend and wife of her brother, Austin. “I didn’t even know Emily left her room, but it made sense that she had so much love in her life,” Shannon tells The Post. “Where else would all of those passionate poems come from?” Fewer than a dozen, less passionate poems were published, anonymously, in Dickinson’s lifetime. Nearly 1,800 more were discovered after her death, at age 55, in 1886 — along with hundreds of notes and letters addressed to Susan, who lived next door with Austin Dickinson and their children…

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