Beyond Dating Apps There Are Now Apps For Staying In Love..

Some apps in the space are designed specifically to jumpstart real-life interactions, especially conversations that can be awkward or difficult to initiate. Desire, which has over one million downloads and users ranging in age between twenty-five and forty-four, according to co-founder Marta Plaza, lets couples select from a variety of dares, from relatively tame to relatively spicy. Each dare is assigned a point value. The more points you rack up, the closer you come to unlocking the “hottest” challenges. Kindu, a similar app, is intended to increase physical intimacy using suggestions like, “surprise your partner in the shower one day.” Each person opts in or out, or says maybe, and the app surfaces the responses that match. “Kindu tends to be useful to long-term couples who are looking for fresh ideas to spice things up, and [new] couples looking to find common ground,” explains founder Thomas Nicholas. The goal of apps like Kindu is removing shame and shyness from conversations about physical intimacy, providing a comfortable digital buffer to express what you want…

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