Best male masturbation technique

What with all those years practising, he probably thinks he’s got hand jobs cut and dried. You’re about to convince him differently! Try these twelve best masturbation techniques on him, and he’ll discover the true meaning of the term ‘hand-job heaven’. Before this, heaven was just a word.

masturbation techniquesPenis basics

Just in case this needs saying, men can tend to be a touch insecure about the size of their penises. Why is this? Because, for fairly obvious reasons, they’re mostly going to be in the average zone – of around five to six inches. Because they get a foreshortened view, looking from above. And because they’ll have seen a range of other blokes’ larger, flaccid penises and won’t quite believe that the erection is a levelling influence – the size tending to even out when they’re hard.

But never mind the reasons. All you need to know is that his penis needs praise and reassurance. Look pleased when you see it. Make a ‘wow!’ face, if that’s not straining the suspension of disbelief too far. Tell him it’s big, thick – or, worst case scenario, really attractive. Then set about having your wicked way, showing him you’ve got more techniques to, err, hand than he thought were possible.

1 From behind

A great way of getting to grips with his penis is to approach it from the same angle he does. Kneel behind him and reach around. Exert a fair amount of pressure – men tend to like it reasonably hard – and hold him with confidence to reassure him you know and enjoy what you’re doing.

Press your breasts against his back as you masturbate him. Ask him to put his hand around yours and masturbate himself as he normally would. Different folks like different strokes. This way, you get to see what he likes.

Masturbation Techniques

2 Up above, down below

For a relaxed approach, on your part, lie on your back with your partner kneeling over you. You grip his penis in both hands, while he thrusts into them. Try kneading with your hands as he does so. You might combine this technique with oral sex, or use lube.

penis_play_squeezingorange.jpg3 Squeezing an orange

Cup one hand over his glans and rub and squeeze your wrist – as if you were squeezing an orange. Your other hand can grip the base of his penis, or play with his balls. Alternatively, lay the palm of one well-lubricated hand on the head of his penis and stroke the head while your other hand masturbates the shaft.

4 Basket-weaving

Link your fingers together and clasp both hands around your partner’s shaft. Push both hands to the base of the shaft, twist them, slide both hands to the top, twist again, and repeat.

penis_play_church.jpg5 The church

This technique involves interlinking your hands like a steeple, pushing them over his penis, while the hooked thumbs massage his frenulum – the uber-sensitive, stringy bit of skin linking glans and shaft.

6 The fire-starter

Roll his penis between your hands, as if you were using a stick to start a fire. With lubricant, or you could use saliva, roll your thumbs across the glans as you do this – including stroking but not pinching the frenulum, since this isn’t about causing pain!

7 The birdcage

Grip your partner’s penis with one hand, while the other strokes the head, rotating your extended fingers around it for maximum pleasure.

8 The heart beat

Clasp your hands together, as in basket-weaving, then pulse them as you slide up and down. This mimics the way your vagina moves around him. As he gets more aroused, changing back to basket-weaving can help him climax.

9 The rings

Make the ‘okay’ sign with the thumb and forefinger of each hand and encircle his penis with each. Rotate the rings in opposite directions as you move up and down.

penis_play_rope.jpg10 Rope

Use both hands alternately, as though paying out a thick, endless rope, drawing each hand in turn from the base of the penis, up to and across the glans.

11 Making rain

For a lighter, fun sensation, drum your fingers against the side of his penis. You can also try clapping his penis against your hand, or his stomach.

12 Textures

Experiment with different materials wrapped around his penis. Try silk, fake fur, or use a pearl necklace, pulling on each end in turn to twist the pearls around the shaft.penis_play009.jpg

You could also blindfold your partner and have him guess what material you’re using!

Finishing touches

Of course, perfect handjobs stray further afield than the penis. Cup and stroke his balls. Massage and run your nails across his stomach and inner thighs. Stroke and apply pressure to his perineum – to stimulate his prostate gland from the outside. Or, if he’s up for it, insert a well-lubed finger or toy up his anus and you’ll find his prostate gland about a third of the way inside, front-side.

Keep a steady beat to take him to orgasm, or tease him and keep him on the edge for as long as he can bear!

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