Khloe Kardashian: Sex While Pregnant Is Uncomfortable..

She’s only weeks away from welcoming her first child, but Khloe Kardashian has dealt with severe pain during her pregnancy and she’s not afraid to let it be known. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star opened up about her

New Study Reveals That 13% Of Gay Men Have Anal Sex Every Day..

A survey conducted by Bespoke Surgical has revealed the regularity of sexual intercourse amongst gay men. According to their findings, 39% of gay men have anal sex a couple times a week, 24% a couple times a month, and 13%

Trump Administration Doubles-Down On Discredited Abstinence Only Sex-Ed..

The Trump administration recently released its proposed budget for 2019 and, just like last year, it seeks to ensure that sex education in the United States remains focused on abstinence. Specifically, this administration seeks to fund abstinence-only programs to the

The Tinder Olympics! The Dating App Reveals A 300% Increase Since Games Began..

Athletes from USA, Sweden and Great Britain are the most likely to turn to Tinder while killing time when they’re not competing. According to the popular dating app, there’s been a huge surge in people looking for love in Pyeongchong

Over Half Of Gay Men Admit To Cheating On Their Partners New Study Finds..

But even more of the respondents said they have been cheated on. A new survey conducted by HERO – Health Equality and Rights Organisation, the parent organisation of GMFA, FS magazine and OutLife – has found that 52% of the

Women Are Paying Plastic Surgeons Up To $9,000 For ‘Designer Vaginas’…

Over the last decade cosmetic tweaking has moved firmly into the mainstream for Australian women, becoming a billion-dollar industry locally. Homegrown celebs, pilates mums, office workers and wealthy women ‘of a certain age’ are restoring volume to lips, eyes and

Former Playboy Playmate Of The Year Opens Up About ‘Affair’ With Trump..

A former Playboy model has opened up about her alleged affair with Donald Trump after she claims a magazine that bought her story tried to kill it. Karen McDougal says she met the future president at a Playboy Mansion party

Australia’s PM Bans Sex Between Ministers And Staff After Deputy’s ‘Shocking’ Affair..

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Thursday banned sex between ministers and staff and rounded on his deputy for a “shocking error of judgment” by having an affair with a press secretary. Deputy Australian Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, a Catholic

Gay Couple Get Married On Twitter With Romantic 280-Character Vows..

Simon Savage, 25, from Wirral, met his fiancé Chris Burton, 46, on Twitter after bonding over a mutual love of cheese and beards. Simon’s bio which declared his love for “cheese, books and beards” caught Chris’s eye, and prompted him

Netflix Actually Makes A Dating App Straight Out Of ‘Black Mirror’..

Valentine’s Day may already feel like an episode of “Black Mirror” for some people. But for others, there’s a new dark, yet fun, dating app inspired by the Netflix sci-fi series waiting for you to play with it. Netflix has