MTA To Allow ‘Racy’ Sex Toy Ads On New York Subway..

The MTA said Thursday that it would allow ads for a sex toy company to appear in the subway one day after the images were deemed too racy for city straphangers. The reversal came after accusations of unequal treatment when

Marriage Equality Could Still Be At Risk In the U.S…

Two weeks ago, the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute released results of a survey of over 40,000 Americans, which found that 61 percent support marriage equality, including majorities in 44 states. Headlines were predictable, focusing on strong support for equality

Trump Admin To Bring Back Reagan Era Ban On Abortion Counseling..

Following pressure from pro-life Republicans in Congress ahead of the midterm elections, the Trump administration is reportedly planning to resurrect a Reagan-era rule banning federally-funded family planning clinics from discussing abortion with women … The rule would also prohibit the

Chile’s Bishops Resign En Masse Over Child Sex Abuse Cover Up..

Every Chilean bishop offered to resign Friday over a sex abuse and cover-up scandal, in the biggest shakeup ever in the Catholic Church’s long-running abuse saga. The bishops announced at the end of an emergency summit with Pope Francis that

New Research Shows Just One Third Of Women Climax Regularly Vs 91% Of Men..

Dr Mintz routinely polls her students at the University of Florida and elsewhere to gauge their views on sex and their sexual experiences. In one research paper involving college students, she found 91 percent of males usually orgasmed, compared to

Gay Weddings Are Held Behind Closed Doors In Conservative Hong Kong..

Homosexuality was only decriminalised in Hong Kong in 1991, and despite a vibrant gay scene and an annual pride parade, conservative attitudes still run deep in Chinese traditions. Outlawing discrimination based on sexual orientation has been proposed in the city’s

New Injection Makes Penis Bigger And Cures Erectile Dysfunction..

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, struggle to maintain an erection. Studies have shown that it affects around half of men between the ages of 40 and 70. Now scientists say injecting 20 million stem

Royal Concern With Virginity Mercifully A Thing Of The Past..

Meghan Markle, who has been married once before, is certainly not a virgin. And only the truly clueless would believe that Kate Middleton was a virgin when she walked down the aisle in 2011 to wed Prince William, Carroll says.

‘Incels’ Aren’t Really Looking For Sex But Absolute Male Supremacy..

In the past few years, a subset of straight men calling themselves “incels” have constructed a violent political ideology around the injustice of young, beautiful women refusing to have sex with them. These men often subscribe to notions of white

New Church Of England Bishop: Church Must Stop Driving Away Gay People..

The Church of England has appointed a new Bishop who says the institution must do more to reach out to LGBT Christians. It was announced this week that Rev. Vivienne Faull, who is currently Dean of York, would become the