Asexual People Treated Badly By Medical Providers..

A 2014 survey of 86 asexual-identified people found asexual individuals have a distrust of the medical community, anticipating negative responses or dismissal from their providers upon disclosure of their asexuality. This is unsurprising, given reports of health care providers invalidating asexuality and framing it as a symptom of mental health issues. Asexual people have been told their orientation is a byproduct of trauma or a biological dysfunction. Some have been subject to corrective therapy, during which they were prescribed drugs like Viagra and told to “have sex until you like it.” To be clear, not all asexual people are sex-averse. Some do have sex for a variety of reasons, perhaps because they are in a relationship with someone who isn’t asexual, or they simply enjoy it; asexuality refers to a lack of sexual attraction to others — or highly circumstantial and rare attraction in the case of demi- and gray-asexuals — not an inability to experience arousal. Some asexual people used to have sex and stopped when they realized that they had no interest in it; others have never had sex at all…

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