Anti-Valentine Insoles Allow You To Trample On Your Ex’s Face..

There’s nothing like a commercialised love fest to have you doubting whether you should have sacked off your ex or not. Sure, they were a massive dick but you know, maybe you acted hastily. Maybe they were misunderstood. Maybe you should ring and ask if they want to chill tomorrow…together. Just friends, natch. No, friend, no. Delete that bad hombres number and get yourself to the Bombas & Parr website. Because they’re offering to print your ex’s face onto a pair of insoles so you can ‘walk all over your ex’. Bizarrely enough, this isn’t just some millennial marketing ploy; the notion can actually be traced back to the Ancient Egyptians who had the portraits of their enemies drawn onto the soles of their shoes to ‘subjugate and demean’ them. ‘By walking over the face of those who have wronged or upset you, these insoles offer a chance to redeem your own soul from the torture of the break-up, give yourself a psychological boost and ready yourself for the joy of your next relationship,’ says company director Harry Parr. These insoles have actually been designed to encourage exercise and therefore help to release ‘feel-good’ endorphins to lower stress…

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